The Ultimate FIFA 18 Wishlist

Eljefe20 is recommended to invest. Let’s view the FIFA 18 wishlist below.

I know we are a long ways off, but here are some things I doubt we will get this year, but I think we should ask for and expect next year. To me, these are reasonable and not over the top, and would go along way towards making the mode more enjoyable. My wishlist:

More Dynamic Contract Negotiations. (Release clauses, maybe even rework the ‘goals/clean sheet bonus’ and allow us to negotiate incentives in)

Training doesn’t stunt natural growth (the whole training Idea needs a revamp, they pretty much ruined their own idea by making it so physical growth stops when you train players). Option 2 is give us the ability to train physicals ourselves (I would love this).

Track historical stats (Like a players career goals, clubs top goal scorers, who won golden boot last season), and talk about them in the presentation.

Translate those awesome, in-depth stats “Player Performance” from the actual gameplay into the actual CM. I want to be able to see what kind of pass completion % my midfielder has for the year, because that is way more important than his # of goals.

Again, because this is for FIFA18. I want to see them build on their Total Club Management. They have given us deeper objectives, now expand the objectives and give us new ways of completing them that go beyond just playing games and signing players. I want us to do things like have the option of opening up Academies in Foreign countries (if our club has enough prestige), which should also help improve our Youth Scouting in this country. We should be running advertisements, doing promotion nights, and negotiating sponsors. Imagine, signing a sponsorship deal with a company and then seeing their Add banner on the pitch that season? Things like that add alot.

Bring back the ability to add our own chants and songs for teams. This was a feature a few years ago, and I can’t imagine why they got rid of it. It actually added alot your game to hear unique chants. I remember a match i played against Villa, and the Holte-enders were singing, and different songs than i had heard at Chelsea the week before. Stuff like that adds ALOT to the game.

Write your ideas for FIFA 18 here.