What do you think of the FIFA 17 Demo?

I think its absolutely atrocious. EA have been slowly digging themselves into a hole with FIFA and every year it’s the same shite.

Passing is awful. Short passes are slow and trickle to the targets feet, who is routed waiting for them. Hold down RB for a stronger pass you say?! Awesome, more buttons because EA apparently cant handle contextual actions.

Dribbling is just as bad. It feels completely off. The movement, body shielding….’deft’ touches, its like 15 when it felt i was controlling a cruise ship, all over again. Why they’ve regressed here I’ve no idea.

Graphics are pretty. Presentation is lovely, as usual. Players still look dead though.
Collisions are exactly the same and it looks shit. Sick of seeing players fall over each other like lemmings.

Shooting feels powerless, and scoring goals doesnt feel overly fun because there’s just something ‘off’ about the entire experience. Like a sheen of uncanny valley is painted over everything.

Off the player movement is better, but still not good. My wingers seem happy to trot around without much thought of finding space. Tactics i hear you shout! Yeah tried those. Tactics in FIFA dont make a huge difference?! Shock horror.

Commentary is great, as is sound in general.

The Journey was fun, and is a great inclusion. Remains to be seen how long is lasts but the snippet we got was very enjoyable.

Overall, the game can suck a dick. They can shine it up as much as they want but it’s still FIFA, with all the FIFA problems, but called new things this year. It will take exactly 3 days before people start realising they’ve been suckered in again by Marco Reus’ pretty blonde mouth.

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